Biggest Fashion Trends for NYE 2017

SPARKLES SPARKLES SPARKLES… sparkles are ALWAYS in on NYE. This is the one night where sparkles and glitter are 100 percent acceptable, so go crazy.

Skin is in. It’s a new year and why not ring it in being a little adventurous with your NYE attire? Dresses peeking a little extra skin are super popular, but be sure to keep it classy.

High waisted EVERYTHANG. High waisted shorts, skirts, and pants are very stylish, but what seems to be the major trend is dressy rompers. However you want to rock your outfit, just make sure to prepare early so that you’re not running around last minute settling for a mediocre outfit.

Blazers. You can never go wrong with a blazer, as they have the power to complete and bring together a whole outfit. Be a little adventurous and wear a bright sparkling one to make you stand out.

LAYERS Be sure to dress accordingly, it may be cold out, but venues with a lot of people heat up quickly. Take advantage of the venue’s coat check and prepare to shed a layer to stay cool.


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How to Look Your Very Best on New Year’s Eve

Start Planning Early
Everything about NYE can be improved with a little forethought. Figuring out what you’ll be wearing on New Year’s Eve can be frustrating, especially if you leave it until the last moment. To avoid stress, get yourself on Pinterest TODAY. Ideas for outfitshairmakeup, and nails are in overabundance and cater to every style and personality. Planning early can also ensure more designs and sizes when you start shopping around.
giphy (3).gif
Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Get Ready on NYE 
Avoid rushing to get ready or arriving to the party late by giving yourself plenty of time to get ready for the evening. If you think it will take you three hours to get ready, than give yourself four. Starting early allows you to take your time and relax before leaving the house for the evening. It also prevents you from becoming the person everyone has to wait on before they can start partying. Don’t be that person…
Women: Know Thy Heel Limit or Pack a Pair of Flats
Is there anything sadder than watching a woman in pain shuffle around a party in skyscraper heels? If you can’t walk in a pair of shoes with confidence, then don’t wear them. I don’t care how pretty those Louboutins stilettos are, if you’re in pain or shaky on your feet then you aren’t looking your best. If you simply must wear those shoes, then pack a backup pair. Dr. Scholl’s offers a product called Fast Flats that are precisely for this situation.
Go the Extra Mile 
‘Tis the season for fake eyelashes and everything glitter. Use those untouched glitter eye shadows in your favorite palettes. Guys, want to go black tie? Mention NYEDetroit for a 50% discount on suits from President Tuxedo.
Treat yo Self
After a strenuous holiday season, take the time to show yourself a little TLC. The days leading up to NYE are the perfect time to add highlights to your hair or get your nails done. If you have a limited budget, head to Groupon for plenty of savings on local salons.
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Once the Bang is Over, Make Sure There’s no Hangover

New Year’s is a time to allow for better and smarter life choices. Kick off 2015 by making the best decisions for you and your rock star body; no more hangovers!

Once the bubbly is done pouring and the confetti is thrown away, the last thing you want is to feel like the DJ has personally followed you home and set up in your brain. Follow these tips to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable New Year’s Day.

How to Avoid a Hangover

Get the Munchies: While eating doesn’t necessarily mean you will avoid a hangover, it can definitely help. Digesting foods will slow the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. Most New Year’s Eve parties will have out hors d’oeuvres for guests to snack on.

Pace Yourself: Many NYE parties will start as early as 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening. That means you’re going to want to run a marathon not a race. This will help your to drink less and also allow your body to absorb the alcohol already in your system.

Drink Water: It is no surprise that our bodies love H2O. They love it even more when they need it the most, during dehydration which is exactly what is happening while you’re drinking alcoholic beverages. Try alternating between a small glass of water and a cocktail, or even replacing pop and juice with water or club soda. Make sure to keep a glass at your bedside when you return home at night.

Stay Clear of Dark Liquors: Whiskeys, bourbons, scotch, and some tequilas have higher concentrations of toxins called congeners. These toxins only add more severity to your hangover. If you’re going to go with the hard stuff, stick to light liquors such as vodka and gin.

Get Plenty of Rest: Not only will you be having a long night of dancing and mingling with friends, your body will be having a long night and following day trying to replenish itself. Try to sleep as soon as your home and take a nap the next day to let your body rest as much as possible.

NYE Detroit Champagne Toast

What to do When You Already Have a Hangover

Take a Couple Painkillers: It will be no surprise if you wake up to a pounding headache after your long night of partying. Try taking aspirin or ibuprofen to ease the pain, and only in the morning. Your blood will already be thinned from the alcohol so mixing with pills while the liquid is fresh in your system at night can be a very dangerous idea.

Drink more water!!: You should already have been drinking lots of water the night before, but you shouldn’t stop once morning hits. Your body will still be dehydrated and thirsting for extra water. Sports drinks such as Gatorade and Power Ade are great alternatives also to give your the extra electrolytes.

Fuel Your Body: Your body will need nutrients to feel better. This time around carbs will be your best friend and make you feel great. Also, foods with high protein will help to ease the pain. Have a banana ready for you in the morning and nice hearty breakfast.

Drink it Up: No, not more alcohol. Smoothies, natural juices, and coconut water are all great options to help cure your hangover. All three contains antioxidants, sugar and water! Plus you may be feeling too queasy to actually scarf down some eggs and bacon.

Work Out: The reason you are feeling so crappy is because your body is full of yucky toxins. A fast and easy way to get rid of those is to sweat it out. Put on your running shoes, get some fresh air, and rid your body of the things it doesn’t want.

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The Perks of Having a Hotel Room on New Years Eve

Detroit NYE Hotels

Can you believe that less than a month remains of 2014!? Less than 30 days until the night where resolutions are made and midnight kisses are planned and sometimes unexpectedly stolen. Memories are made on New Years Eve, and oftentimes, the tone of that one night can set the tone for your entire year ahead.  Planning beforehand can ensure that nothing gets in the way of your good time and can eliminate all of the possible hazards you may encounter during the evening.  Safe transportation and/or a convenient hotel room within close proximity to your party will guarantee that you can have a great night, drink your fill, and still make it safely to your bed (or someone else’s bed, depending on how your night goes).

Have you ever gone to a New Years Eve party at a hotel? Take it from us, there’s honestly nothing like it! No one has to volunteer to be the designated driver, there’s no struggle to find a cab, and you can enjoy closing out the bar at the end of the night. The elevators of the hotel are packed with fellow partygoers, so everywhere you turn, you can meet someone new. There’s a feeling of excitement in the air as everyone braces for the new year, making the evening a perfect occasion to make new friends or find yourself a crush. Is there anything more exhilarating (or is that frustrating?) than finding someone to kiss at midnight? New Years Eve is definitely the time to find love if you’re single in Detroit! On a night like New Years Eve, a hotel party tends to turn into a Vegas feel, or like one big slumber party for grown-ups. Of course, if the party gets too fun and you want to chill out for a few, the privacy of your own hotel room with a big comfy bed is right around the corner. No need to go out into the “Pure Michigan” cold or worry about coat check.

No matter what you’re looking for, you should start the search early. Hotels in the city book up fast, and you don’t want to miss out on selecting a great party with a great hotel. A listing of discount Detroit hotels for New Years Eve can be found at, along with details on Detroit’s hottest NYE party, Resolution Ball 2015 at the historic Fillmore Detroit.

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Amazing restaurants to dine out at before the big night

On nights such as NYE you need to fuel up for the long, but enjoyable night ahead of you! So where do you go to have a fancy meal in that fancy dress that you pulled out for the occasion? If your NYE destination is the MET Hotel turned nightclub (as it should be!) there are fantastic upscale steakhouses in the Troy area that will match the vibe and your attire all while staying in your target area.

The Capital Grille

Located in Somerset Mall, The Capital Grille is a delicious choice for your NYE dinner. The Capital Grille is known for their signature flavor and texture due to their unique dry aging process of their steaks. Combined with their award winning wine list, you are sure to be literally wined and dined!

Morton’s Steakhouse

“The best steaks…anywhere” is their slogan for a reason. They select only “Prime” cut beef and then age it for 23-28 days before they even begin to prep it for your plate. Aside from their fantastic steaks they also pride themselves on their exceptional service and hospitality. Therefore creating that “fine dining” experience you may be seeking.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Seek the sizzle! Before any steak dinner is served, a Tbsp of butter is topped on the steak that is already resting on a 500° Fahrenheit plate. This exciting process creates that “sizzle” to get both your mind and stomach ready to indulge in this mouth watering meal. What a “sizzling” way to being your New Years!

Still looking for the perfect party to be at when the clock strikes midnight?
We’ve got a few options for you to choose from.

New Years at the Met Hotel – Troy – Nightclub experience
Petruzzellos Gala – Troy – Upscale experience for the grown & sexy
CenterPoint Marriot New Years Eve – Auburn Hills – upscale hotel party

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Hotel Rooms on New Years Eve in Detroit…


Less than 14 days until the night where Resolutions are made and midnight kisses are planned and sometimes unexpectedly stolen.  Memories are made, and oftentimes, the tone of that one night can set the tone for your entire year ahead.  It’s not too late to plan ahead, which will help to eliminate some of the hazards you may encounter on an evening like New Year’s Eve.  Safe transportation, and staying at a hotel within close proximity to your party will guarantee that you can have a great night, drink your fill, and still make it safely to your bed (or someone else’s bed, depending on how your night goes!).

The Resolution Ball at the Fillmore in downtown Detroit has an established room block with the Crowne Plaza Convention Center Detroit.  The newly renovated hotel in the old Ponchetrain location, has views from these rooms overlook the city skyline and the riverfront and provide a fantastic start and finish for a perfect evening. 

Once you purchase your event ticket, you will be sent a link to book your hotel room.  Check into your hotel room in time to watch the sunset over the skyline, make a reservation for The Jefferson House restaurant that specializes in utilizing seasonal and local ingredients. The restaurant serves American style food with a creative, local fusion. After dinner, you hen hop the complimentary shuttle which takes you right to the Fillmore so you can dance the night away at the Resolution Ball.  Once you’re ready to retire back to the hotel, for either a late night celebration with friends, or to cozy up to your special someone, it’s easy to make your way back with the complimentary shuttle and great guest services at the hotel.

No matter what you’re looking for, you should start looking early, hotels in the city book up fast, and you don’t want to miss out on selecting a great party, with a great hotel.  A full listing of Detroit New Years Eve parties can be found at


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Why is New Years on January 1st?

by Laura,

Did you ever wonder why New Years is celebrated on January 1st? Have you ever wondered, why January?

The earliest record of the New Years dates back in the Babylonian era in 4,000 B.C. and was celebrated as a major religious holiday in March following the equinox. In this time period The Roman Time period had only consisted of 10 months and 304 days, unlike the present 12 months and 365 days.

The calendar remained the same until in the 8th century when King Numa Pompilius created the months Janarius and Februarius.  However with these new additions the calendar now fell out of sync with the sun. The next influential man to step in with some change is one that is familiar to most, Julius Caesar, who happened to be emperor at the time.  At this point Julius consulted the most influential astronomers and mathematicians at the time to create what is now known as used in present day time throughout the world, the Julian calendar.

Caesar then implemented January 1st as the first day of the year.  This name was chosen in honor of the name of the month, Janus, which was the Roman God of new beginnings. Unlike present day celebrations New Years was celebrated by offering sacrifices to Janus, exchanging gifts and decorating homes with laurel branches.


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New Years Dating Tips

By Ashley Cannard


Do you remember last New Year’s when your resolution was to find that special someone and to be in the relationship you’ve always wanted? Well, here we are again, one year later and still no relationship.

When we stop to realize the realities of today, we find that things don’t quite work out as planned. We’re then left feeling hopeless when it comes to the dating scene. In all of today’s chaos and crazy schedules, how do we find “the one”?

We’ve interviewed a couple ladies who have some great dating tips. They’ve utilized them in their own lives and have had much success, so why not make these suggestions a part of your everyday life? 

“Coming from someone who’s kissed a lot of frogs, and dated more men than I care to mention, I guess you could say I’m as much of an expert as anyone else.  I’ve finally found someone that is perfect for me, so let me share some insight into some tips on how to search for and capture your perfect soul mate,” says Jodie Svagr.

Make A Plan
Having a plan is the best thing someone can do, whether single or in a relationship. Don’t live a boring life. Get out there and do something you enjoy! Connect with old friends, throw a dinner party, go to a good restaurant, or attend a fun event. If you’re out doing what you love, you’re bound to meet other singles doing the same thing!

Don’t Rely on Others to Make You Happy
If you’re feeling miserable in your own life, you’re never going to find someone that will make you happy.  Life has so many wonderful things to offer, you just have to embrace it! “Try yoga, ride a bike, decorate your house, get a new outfit, pick up a new hobby, or go to a New Year’s party,” says Jessie Harper.  Keep track of the things that make you happy and stick with it.  The happier you are with yourself, the easier it will be to attract amazing things, even an amazing person. So start this New Year’s off right and make your happiness your resolution!

Don’t Stress It
Whether you’re attending an event or on a date, focus on staying “in the moment” and enjoy that moment!  Don’t stress about whether or not the person sitting across from you could be your soul mate. Everyone wants to spend the rest of their life with someone they enjoy being with, so try enjoying the moment you’re in!

Just Dance
Yes, we know that striking up a conversation is difficult when you’re first getting to know someone, and maintaining that conversation can be even harder.  But get over it – Life is about taking risks! Get yourself on the dance floor, break up any nervousness or tension and spark up a great conversation with the person you’re with. If you’re flying solo or with a group of friends, getting onto the dance floor can help you meet someone new!  New Years Eve in Detroit tends to have a packed dance floor, so don’t be a wall flower. Get out there and dance yourself into a possible romance!

Getting Started
To find great people, you need great events. There are plenty of events happening in your area all the time that are guaranteed to have amazing singles at them! Check out The Social Connection. Their entire mission is to connect like-minded single professionals. 

For a list of New Years Eve events in Detroit, visit the NYE Detroit website, guaranteed to bring you a night of great memories, whether you’re with that special someone or flying solo.

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By Ashley Cannard

Image  Image Image

The time has come. Holiday shopping and family dinners, but it’ll all be over soon. And what’s left for 2013? Oh yea, celebrating New Year’s Eve!

Metro Detroit has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to NYE events. One of Detroit’s most well-known event companies, The Social Connection, has announced its 10th Annual Resolution Ball 2014 at the Fillmore in Detroit and its 4th Annual New Year’s at the Met Hotel in Troy.

So for New Year’s Eve 2014, join NYEdetroit and The Social Connection for two of Metro Detroit’s hottest parties.

These exclusive events provide guests with unlimited fun, food, entertainment, cash bars, games, casinos and drinks in various restaurants, bars and hotels.

Experience the biggest and brightest time of the year with your family and friends, surrounded by enthusiasm, glamour and romance through Detroit’s NYE parties for couples and singles – sells out every year!

So don’t miss out on a night to remember. Get your tickets at the early bird rate and join us for an extravagant evening to ring in the New Year!

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European New Year’s Celebrations…

by Laura,

With New Year’s approaching some might celebrate their long standing traditions and some might be creating new traditions for new beginnings ahead. But do you ever wonder what other traditions there are out there? If you have intrigue for Europe then be ready to indulge!

In Germany they prefer to indulge in their sweet tooth and relax with some good television. The sweets consist of jam filled doughnuts that can also be flavored with or without liquor as well as a marzipan pig. The marzipan pig is a sweet treat molded into a pig which in Germany symbolizes good luck for the future!

France chooses to celebrate by use of food. They prepare specialty dishes from their region in an either intimate dinner setting or with a lavish ball. New Year’s Day is a day to exchange resolutions and relax to prepare for the upcoming year.

Spaniards celebrate with fruit and then party the night away! Dating back to 1895 farmers realized they had a large surplus of grapes therefore started a tradition of eating 12 grapes for every chime of the midnight countdown. Each grape eaten represents a wish for the following year. They then party the night away in nightclubs that are open until 6 am, which is sure to be a great time.

Lastly, Poland appreciates the great outdoors in celebration of the New Year. The two large events are held in the Main Square in Krakow and St. Mary’s Basilica. The Main Square hosts a large outdoor concert while there is a festive fireworks and music display over St. Mary’s.

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